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Most Credible Review of the Realworld Studio

전주적 참견시점

Realworld Studio is a very useful tool for education

“I propery used the Realworld Studio and felt that it has great educational value. I’m always thinking about ‘how can students have a fun and meaningful learning at the same time’ in the school field. I think the Realworld Studio can be a useful tool for such education.”

전주적 참견시점
전주적 참견시점
차이나는 인천관광

A way to realize a story I only imagine

“As I use the Realworld Studio, I felt that it was good to realize the stories I just imagined as they are even though I didn’t have any knowledge on programming. And I could even release the game I created. So, I though that I would like to plan more contents in the future.”

차이나는 인천관광
차이나는 인천관광

A way to tell a hidden story like a gem

“I often feel that there are not many contents we can enjoy when I travel. But if we use the Realworld Studio, we can make hidden and gem-like stories around us into fun and fresh trip contents, and this can contribute to the tourism industry.”

서울대 자유전공학부 전문위원 김지나

Really fun and interesting contents creating process

“I felt that the Realworld Studio was like coding with PowerPoint, so the process of making contents was fun and interesting.”

서울대 자유전공학부 전문위원 김지나
서울대 자유전공학부 전문위원 김지나

Anyone can be a creator
with the Realworld Studio.

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